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2023 Newsletters

September 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • It’s Time to Challenge The Fed
  • Data Points To A Cooling In The Housing Marketing This Fall
  • Mortgage Payoff Fraud Rises 532% Quarter-Over-Quarter: CertifID
  • 8 Tips for Avoiding Your Leadership Blindspots
  • These are 5 Ways Surging Mortgage Rates Are Reshaping the Housing Market
  • The Art of Mental Toughness: How Extraordinary Individuals Thrive in the Face of Adversity
  • Real Estate News

August 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • Water: Your Essential Partner for Outstanding Workplace Performance
  • The Detrimental Effects of Political Partisanship on the Housing Industry and Mortgage Finance
  • Yun: Latest Inflation News Bodes Well for Housing
  • How to Boost Employee Morale & Motivation: Manage the One
  • 6 Strategies to Position Banks for Growth Post-Recession
  • 4 Ways to Earn the Respect of a More Powerful Colleague
  • Real Estate News

July 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • 5 Rituals To Keep You Happy All The Time
  • Foreign Adversaries Prohibited From Purchasing Virginia Farmland
  • The Unexpected Power of Complaining
  • How Small Business Owners Size Up Their Banking Relationships and the Economy
  • How the Best Leaders Lead Extroverts and Introverts Effectively
  • Bankers Should Be Active on LinkedIn — Leaders Need to Encourage It
  • Top Ten Things To Ask Yourself Before Recording
  • Real Estate News

June 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • June is National Homeownership Month
  • ALERT!! Seller Real Estate Fraud is On the Rise – Don’t Get Caught in the Scam!
  • The Power of Small Rituals
  • Breaking the Cycle of Self-Sabotage: How to Overcome the “Golden Larva Syndrome”
  • Beyond TRID: Safeguarding Compliance on Every Loan
  • How Early Life Lessons Shape Us
  • How Banks Can Stay Ahead of the Fraudsters
  • How to Apologize to a Customer When Something Goes Wrong
  • Real Estate News

May 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • 5 Ways To Be a Manager That People Don’t Want to Quit
  • How Do I Stop Fraud From Happening to Me?
  • Virginia Title Center Keeps You Safe from Wire Fraud with CertifID
  • How Your Physical Surroundings Shape Your Work Life
  • What Technologies Will Move From Hype to Reality in Banking?
  • 11 Proven Ways to Build Rapport in Your Negotiations
  • 5 Key Social Media Questions Answered to Help Guide Banks’ Strategy
  • Title Monitoring Services vs. Owner Title Insurance
  • The Equation to Success for New Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate News

April 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • Become More Comfortable Making Bold Decisions
  • Spring Thaw Luring Homebuyers Back:
  • How Loan Officers are Dealing With Surging Rates and Record-Low Inventory
  • Leadership is About Action, Not Position!
  • 10 Factors That Will Determine Banks’ Future Relevance
  • RON’s Competitive Advantage in Today’s Housing Market
  • How the Best Leaders Reenergize Their Depleted Team
  • How Community Banks Can Win in the SMB Segment
  • The Nuances of Listing an Inherited Property
  • Real Estate News

March 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • How to Become More Adaptable in Challenging Situations
  • Overcoming 2023’s Biggest Appraisal Challenges
  • 7 Fears You Need to Overcome to Achieve Your Leadership Potential
  • Workforce Flexibility is a Banking Innovation
  • Imposter Sellers, Fraudulent Notaries, Mail-Away Closings, and Non-Owner Occupied Land …. Oh My!
  • Recession Readiness for Small Business
  • ‘Homeownership Wins in Any Market:’ How Real Estate Agents Can Do the Same
  • Serving a Diverse Clientele Raises Your Credibility
  • Real Estate News

February 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • The Best Leaders Are Comedians
  • Is it Time to Shake Up Your Work From Home Routine?
  • Must-Watch Banking Battles of 2023 Revolve Around CFPB
  • Fostering an Ownership Mentality to Boost Your Business
  • Preparing Your Super Bowl Game Day Menu: 12 Delicious Dips for Your Party
  • Inside Mortgage Lenders’ Strategies for 2023
  • Title Monitoring Services vs Owner Title Insurance
  • Why First-Time Buyers Are Ideal Victims for Scammers
  • The Rising Cybersecurity Risks That Will Plague Banking in 2023
  • How Banks Can Avoid Losing Small-Business Loans to Fintechs
  • Building Confidence Uptick Signals Turning Point for Housing Lies Ahead
  • Real Estate News

January 2023 Title Notes E-News

  • Dave Stevens on Understanding This Housing Market
  • The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World
  • Top 5 Customer Experience Trends for 2023 and Beyond
  • News From Our Underwriter – Claims Corner: A Fresh Start on Sales Out of Bankruptcy
  • LO’s, Mortgage Rates and the Long, Cold Winter Ahead
  • NAR: Home Sales Will Fall 6.8% in 2023
  • Question Everything Always
  • Key Banking Issues and Trends for 2023
  • New REALTORS: Advice on Thriving Past the Five-Year Mark
  • Real Estate News

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