2020 Newsletters

December 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • The 7 Soft Skills That Will Matter the Most in 2021
  • Investors Title Company Announces Record Third Quarter Financial Results
  • Four Risks Could Make 2021 the Toughest Year for Banks Since 2009, says S&P
  • An Actionable Approach to Tough Issues Even Timid Leaders Can Employ
  • How to Nail the Small Business Banking & Lending Market in 2021
  • 5 Threats Banks Face to Their Commercial Business (And How to Respond)
  • Two-Thirds of Financial Services Firms Suffered Cyber-Attack in the Past Year
  • Mortgage News
  • Real Estate News

November 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • November Courthouse and Agency Closures
  • 7 Questions Highly Confident People Ask Themselves Regularly
  • Mortgage Industry Insights Into 2021
  • Want More Diverse Senior Leadership? Sponsor Junior Talent
  • VTC Team Volunteers to Build Bunk Beds to Get 20 Local Kids Off the Floor
  • Community Banking In The News
  • COVID – Impact on Women in the Workforce
  • Video: How to Report Wire Fraud to the FBI
  • Banks Never Ask That: Can you outsmart online scammers?
  • Real Estate News

October 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • The 18 Most Powerful Habits That Can Make You Super Smart
  • 5 Reasons Mortgage Rates Will Rise in 2021
  • Here we Grow … Yet Again! Check out the newest VTC teammates.
  • Are The Next Generation Leaders Hiding in Plain Sight?
  • 4 Charts That Show How Different the Banking Industry is Today From the Great Recession
  • Articles for the Workplace
  • Real Estate News

September 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • If You Want to Quickly Reduce Your Employees’ Burnout, Make Them Answer This One Question Every Morning
  • 10 Observations From Bankers in a Prolonged Pandemic World
  • Irrefutable Principles of High-Performance Mortgage and Real Estate Practices [Principles 4 & 5]
  • How to Do a Better Job of Listening When You’re Remote
  • Can Nontraditional Credit Analysis Be Community Banks’ Path to Profit?
  • Articles on Small Business Banking
  • Real Estate News

August 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • Updated Procedures for Sending New Orders to VTC
  • 7 Little Things That Will Impress Your Boss While Working Remotely
  • Digital Heists Are Playing Off the Global Pandemic
  • Virginia Title Center Team Continues to Grow
    • Ethan Lavallee – Title Underwriter
    • Megan Settle – Administrative Support
    • Mary Lynn Fothergill, Skyler Wood, Alex Marin
  • How to Create a Workplace that Actually Inspires Passion
  • How Really Help Small Business Through COVID-19
  • Irrefutable Principles of High-Performing Mortgage and Real Estate Practices
  • Articles on Banking and COVID-19 Impact
  • Real Estate News

July 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • How to Politely Sidestep a Handshake
  • Tips for Educating Employees on Cybersecurity Preparedness
  • Five Foods That Are Killing Your Intelligence, Focus and Brain
  • Virginia Title Center News
  • Study Reveals a ‘Skills Gap’ That Jeopardizes Future of Banking
  • How the Best Leaders Manage Their Anxiety
  • The Necessary Evolution of the Modern Mortgage Originator
  • Optimized Pricing is the Secret to a Consistently Profitable Pipeline
  • Real Estate News

June 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • Post-Pandemic Opportunities and Challenges for the Banking Industry
  • #VTCDREAMTEAM Continues to Expand – Welcome Jennifer Vaden and Kathleen Spano
  • A New Lending environment Will Bring New Mortgage Fraud Risks
  • How to Avoid Becoming Irrelevant in the New Decade
  • Meetings Are Not Wasting Your Time — Lack of Follow-Through Is
  • How Financial Institutions Can Make Their Commercial Real Estate Portfolios Crisis-Proof
  • Commercial Real Estate Recovery Possible Later Thsi Year
  • Real Estate News

May 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • 7 Habits of People Who Keep It Together During Uncertain Times
  • Maximizing Your Energy During COVID-19
  • It’s Time to Throw Out Your 2020 Strategic Plan
  • How Banks Can Help Small Business Through Aid Tangle and Beyond
  • Banking Must Support Small Business Beyond Providing Loans
  • IRS Extends 1031 Exchange Deadlines
  • Real Estate News

April 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • Dear Leader Put On Your Oxygen Mask First!
  • Strategies For Thriving When Emotionally Hijacked
  • 9 Signs Your’re Successful Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It
  • Coronavirus Roundup: Critical Consumer Trends & Insights for Banking
  • Real Estate News

COVID-19 SPECIAL EDITION – March 19, 2020

March 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • 13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want to be Successful
  • If You Sleep in This Position, You Will Have More Nightmares
  • Blackburg Satellite Office Open House – March 12th
  • $221M Lost to Wire Transfer Fraud in 2019
  • How to Protect Your Financial Institution from Foreign Cyberattacks
  • Welcome to the Team Katie Marin – Settlement Processor
  • Investors Title Company Announces Record Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019 Results
  • The Essential Job Interview Question Almost Nobody Ever Asks
  • Hey Housing Professionals, Your Jargon Isn’t Helping Consumers
  • Consumers’ Surprising Views on the Future of Banking
  • Real Estate News

February 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • Refinancing Boom Fuels Mortgages to Postcrisis Record
  • Save the Date – Ribbon Cutting & Open House – Blacksburg Satellite Office – March 12
  • 7 Leadership Lessons From an Unexpected CEO
  • 2020’s Top Cyber Threats in Banking
  • Financial Institutions vs Fintechs: The Fight for Business Banking
  • How Will Commercial’s Capital Markets Fare in 2020?
  • Real Estate News

January 2020 Title Notes E-News

  • What One Word Do You Need to Embrace in the Year Ahead?
  • Start the New Year with a Simplification Month
  • Welcome to the Team – Kathy Patterson and Catherine Wertz
  • VTC is Pleased to Announce the Opening of a Satellite Office in Blacksburg, VA
  • Stop Abbreviating 2020. Police Say It Leaves You Open to Fraud and Could Cost You Big
  • How Community Banks Can Adapt to the 21st Century (Without Forgetting the Past)
  • Do Bank Management Training Programs Create ‘Leaders of Yesterday’?
  • Mortgage Expert Insights on Business Planning Strategies
  • A Look at Lending: Trends Expected to Shape Commercial Lending in 2020
  • Real Estate News

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