December 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • MBA Chairman on Trade Group’s Top 3 Priorities for Next Year
  • Why It’s Up To You To Create a Civil Workplace
  • 14 Signs of a High-Performing Bank
  • The Perils and Pitfalls of the Gift Deed
  • 7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Closer To Your Goals
  • The 6 B’s of Effective Networking
  • Bipartisan Dodd-Frank Rollback Could Benefit Banks Big and Small
  • Real Estate News

November 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • MBA Economists: Here’s What Mortgage Rates Are Going To Do in 2018 and Beyond
  • Fighting Insecurity Over Cybersecurity
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Professional Reputation
  • The Rose of SMB Lending at Community Banks is Changing
  • How to Create a GREAT Business Development Plan
  • Real Estate News
  • Nuts and Bolts of a Like-Kind Exchange

October 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures Update
  • New Scam Steals Real Estate Transaction Details
  • Educational Resources Regarding Wire Fraud and Protecting NPI
  • Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
  • The Difference Between Open-Minded and Close-Minded People
  • Inside the Banker’s Brain: Five Mental Modes That Undermine Your Culture
  • How the Increasing Nonbank Origination Share is Changing the Housing Market
  • Mortgage Lending and the Wonders of Day 1 Certainty
  • How FinTechs Finally Found Allure in Community Banks
  • The Top Hopes and Fears of Would-Be Small Business Owners
  • Featured Leadership Articles
  • Real Estate News

September 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Things I Learned
  • Bankers Title Welcomes Kate Flippen to the Team
  • 15 Things That Make a Top Performing Banker
  • The Talent of Talent Management: Attracting it, retaining it, engaging it
  • Claims Corner: You Can’t Get There From Here
  • How Long Until eClosings are Standard Practice for Mortgages?
  • Lending a Hand: As commercial real estate loans grow, here’s what to know
  • Community Bank Credit Comeback: Small-bank lending bounces back in Q2; outlook remains strong
  • Lessons from the “Best Banks” on Dealing with M&A
  • Real Estate News

August 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • 10 Harmless Mind Tricks That Make People Like You
  • Are You Driven Like Ford Lately: Why Banking Execs Should Study the Automaker’s CEO Turnover
  • Protect Your Best – or Suffer Next “Lift Out”
  • Good Funds — Good Policies
  • What are Homebuyers Really Search For? Google Gives us the Answer, Literally
  • Touch + Tech = Small Business Banking Success
  • Angling for Commercial Prospects
  • A vicious cybercyle: Hackers attach, banks react, hackers strike back
  • Real Estate News

July 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Wire Fraud: A new nightmare for real estate conveyancers and title companies
  • What a Coaching Conversation Should Look Like
  • 13 Influencers You Should be Following to be a Better Leader
  • Anticipated Growth May Spur Small-Business Lending, New Account
  • Taking care of small business: Winning back SMBs and lost loan relationships
  • Report From Community Banking’s Trenches
  • The [mortgage] industry’s next level of compliance: Preservation via blockchain
  • Real Estate News

June 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • How to Calm Type A Tendencies
  • 10 Phrases That Make You Sound Less Confident
  • Small Business, Big Attraction: Can small business banking be personal?
  • Small Businesses Are Confronting Bank Lending Hurdles
  • Who Can Attract the Young Workforce in Mortgage Finance?
  • Banks are Marketing Like It’s 1999
  • The Key to Boosting Employee Engagement …It’s Not What You Think
  • Real Estate News

May 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • Emotional Intelligence: The gap between mediocrity and high performance
  • Sharpen Your Commercial Communications
  • Banks are Suddenly Scaling Back Lending, and Wall Street Isn’t Sure What to Make of It
  • ALTA Urges CFPB to Warn Consumers About Real Estate Funds Phishing Scams
  • Hey Banks! Survey Says You’re Too Confident in Your Cybersecurity Efforts
  • Attention Lenders: The CFPB is Now Focusing More on Fair Lending in Mortgages
  • Real Estate News

April 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • The Difference Between Boss vs. Leader
  • A Survival Strategy for Smaller Banks
  • Stephen Covey’s Best Selling Strategy: Talk About Results, Not About Your Product
  • Why [Business] Banking Needs More Transparency
  • Survey Finds Mortgage Applicants Prefer In-Person Interactions
  • Real Estate News

March 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • What Great Leaders Say to Highly Engaged Teams
  • 6 Biggest Themes Affecting Bank Compliance in 2017
  • MBA Forecast for Economy: Lookin’ Good!
  • Big Smiles and Friendly Hellos Are Killing Your Community Bank
  • Taking Care of Businesses: Why you must get in your business client’s corner
  • Real Estate News

February 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • On Leadership and Hiring
  • Pressing Issues: Four Big Hot Buttons in Regulatory Credit Risk Management
  • 17 Proven Productivity Techniques You Can Start Using Today
  • A Look at FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Through the Decades
  • Gen Z: The Dawning of a New Disruption
  • Real Estate News

January 2017 Title Notes E-News

  • We Asked a Bunch of Top Bankers What to Expect for Wall Street in 2017
  • How to Turn Employees Into Leaders
  • Survey Says! The Biggest Threats to Housing: Compliance Burdens, Access to Credit
  • The Strategic Risk Community Banks May Not Have Considered
  • Want Loyal Customers? Start Talking About Their Emotions!
  • Real Estate News