2019 Newsletters

December 2019 Title Notes E-News

  • New Settlement Fees Effective January 1, 2020
  • Turns Out Eating Lunch Alone Actually Has Some Major Career Benefits
  • A Change Leader Must Do These 4 Things To Be Successful
  • Investors Title Company Announces Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results
  • An Inconvenient Truth for Community Banks – and How to Overcome Them
  • Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Big Data & The Future of Banking
  • Why Lenders Might be Favoring Gen Z
  • BAI Banking Outlook: Trends in 2020
  • Ag Bankers Consider 2019, Look Forward to 2020
  • Real Estate News

November 2019 Title Notes E-News

  • Upcoming Holiday Schedules
  • How To Spot An Irreplaceable Employee
  • 1031 Exchanges On The Rise – VTC and ITIC Are Here to Serve You and Your Clients
  • What the Most Innovative Leaders In Banking Have In Common
  • How Charismatic Leaders Teach By Example
  • 5 Ways Banks Can Digitally Transform Loan Origination
  • FBI: Cybercriminals Are Bypassing Multifactor Authentication
  • Security Experts: Cybersecurity Threats Aren’t Going Away, They’re Doubling
  • Real Estate News

October 2019 Title Notes E-News

  • These 9 Biggest Password Mistakes Will Get You In Trouble – Warns Fraud Expert and Ex-con Artist
  • Fraud is On The Rise – Protect Your Clients and Yourself
  • The Standford Study Reveals Why Some People Are More Likely To Succeed Than Others
  • Digital Future of Banking Requires New Leadership Model
  • Top Loan Originator Secrets With Brian Sacks – Is It Better To Be Honest Or To Lie?
  • Economists Predict Housing Starts Will Spike in 2022
  • Real Estate News

September 2019 Title Notes E-News

  • This 75-Year Harvard Study Shows How To Have a Lifetime of Joy
  • Welcome to the Team: Jessica Bishop
  • Phishers PlayOn Emotions to Fool Victims
  • Hometown, Community Banks Don’t Have to Disappear
  • Are Your Company’s Strengths Really Weaknesses?
  • Opinion Process Changes Can Bring New Business to Mortgage Lenders
  • Real Estate News

Summer 2019 Edition Title Notes E-News

  • Real Estate Wire Fraud Is Real – And It Almost Happened To Me
  • Welcome To the Team:  Lee-Ellen Cox, Erika Kelliher, Heather Hancock
  • How Consumer Experience In Financial Services Will Lead The Charge – And The Change
  • How To Have Powerful Conversations That Will Influence People
  • AVMs Will Soon Represent 70% of Valuations
  • Your Guide To Winning Business Banking Customers
  • Are You Working On You? Questions For Improving the Quality of Your Leadership
  • Real Estate News

May 2019 Title Notes E-News

  • 10 Habits of Unlikeable People
  • Did you know Virginia Title Center also does Commercial Real Estate Title & Settlement?
  • Simplify and Streamline Bloated Processes Choking Business Lending
  • Seven Subconscious Habits That Sabotage Your Ability to Listen — And Lead
  • Financial Futurist Brett King Predicts Banking Becomes Embedded ‘Experiences’
  • Real Estate News

March/April 2019 Title Notes E-News

  • Controlling the Flow: Why Today’s Leaders Have To Be Plumbers Too
  • 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges Rising In Popularity
  • Make Onboarding a Competitive Advantage for Your Community Bank
  • What I Learned Interviewing Over 100 of America’s Top Loan Originators
  • Podcast: Aiming to Please SMBs
  • Real Estate News

February 2019 Title Notes E-News 

  • Why You Want Your Boss to Hold a Warm Cup of Coffee When You Ask for a Raise
  • Please Welcome Angie Smith to the VTC Team
  • Winning the Talent War in 2019
  • Mortgage Lenders: 3 Keys To Thriving in 2019
  • Investors Title Fraud Alert: Identity Theft – Hijacking a Corporation or LLC
  • What Question is Critical for Financial Services Leaders to Answer in 2019
  • Real Estate News

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