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What’s Harder: Working From the Office or Working From Home?
by Mike Figliuolo, thoughtLEADERS, LLC
A reader poll asked: What’s harder: working from the office or working from home? Here are the results:
  • Office: lots of distractions. I focus better at home and doing things on my own. 41.4%
  • Home: lots of distractions and temptations. I need the structure and social aspects of an office. 58.6%
Working from home is hard. Many participants reported being challenged working from home. It seems like a great opportunity until you actually try it. Distractions, lack of structure, and lack of coworker contact are all huge challenges. Here are some suggestions to incorporate into your WFH routine:
  1. Set and maintain a schedule. Hit your desk at the same time every day. Finish work at the same time.
  2. Manage family expectations. Tell them if your door is closed, you’re not there or available.
  3. Have a hard break away from work at the end of the day to signal you’re “home” again. Work out. Take a walk. Make it a consistent routine.
  4. Make time to socialize. Call or video chat with at least two coworkers per day. Carve out the time to do it. 10 to 15 minutes is all it takes.
The more structure and routine you can build around working from home, the easier it is to avoid temptations and deal with distractions.
Is It OK to Turn Off Your Webcam in the Middle of a Call?
by Wayne Turmel
Is it okay to turn your webcam off in the middle of a team call? That seems like a reasonable question, but it always seems to get people worked up. It should be a binary answer: yes or no. But the real answers are “sometimes,” and “it depends.” Click HERE to learn about the pros and cons of using webcams, and simple guidelines to help you make intentional decisions about when you need to be on camera.