7 Habits of People Who Keep It Together During Uncertain Times

by Tim Denning
I am in awe of a former co-worker. Despite a pandemic and recession, he’s acting like the calm and peaceful internet monk, Jay Shetty. When I asked him, ” How’s business going for you old mate?” – he responded, ” Couldn’t be better. There’s so much opportunity right now.”


Hold up a second. How on earth can anyone be so calm and be talking about opportunity? Everybody  else I’ve asked jumps straight into their own tragic story about how millions of people are going to die and we’re all screwed.  I’ve known this guy for a while. The habits he practices are highly unconventional and during these uncertain times, it’s actually his secret sauce to keeping it all together.  Maybe you can adopt, reshape, or be inspired by some of his habits.  Click HERE  to read on.
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